Introduction to Public Access Michiana

by George Lane

In this article I wish to inform the public that a new television station (Public Access Michiana not for Profit) is in the process and now has a web site up and ready for viewing.  It is our desire for the public to see some of our plans to give the people of this area a Voice.  Citizens for the Accountability of Government Inc. supports the efforts to give our citizens a voice.

A large voice for the people ended one and a half years ago when our wonderful legislature pulled the plug when they voted to allow Comcast to close our production and showing of our programs and important input to the community we serve.  Our voice was shut down.  Prior to that closing, I had produced over two hundred programs of public interest.  Others also produced many programs of different varieties.

The choices of the public to make up their own minds and have a debate on the issues at hand.  The issues that control their everyday lives.  We go to meetings and sit for two hours and they let you speak for three minutes, what a big deal.  Our citizens deserve much more.  I have been informed by our citizens, that they feel it is useless to go to a meeting as officials minds are made up most of the time before the meeting.  The only way for people to have their voice heard is through public access television as we propose.  People are angry and much distrust those that serve us.

An access channel is open on Comcast channel 99 but what good is that without production of programs. There is a need of funding and a place to put up a studio and equipment to buy and staff to operate quality programming.

First, we start with the web site that we now have.  We met and elected our officers as we now continue to reach our goal.  We need a building of course to house our studio and we are looking for an angel of angels that will help our need.  Perhaps, as a write off for tax purposes and be a member of our advisory board.

We must have the support of those in our entire area to succeed in giving people a voice.  One central reason is to continue what I have been doing, producing stories of our veterans.  Our WWII Veterans are dying at a rate of one thousand per day and I was trying to capture their stories before it's too late.  Also Vietnam veteran's stories need to be recorded.

I want to share with you a story of one of our veterans and of the programs I produced.  I had called him and asked to do a story and record it.  He responded positively and that he was glad that I called him and would do the story.  I set the date and time of the production for him and his wife.  The broadcast was great and the memory of this veteran made a wonderful interview.  Less than six months later, I was informed by the family that the veteran had passed away.  That death hit me hard as following the broadcast we became great friends and I was so grateful we had a recording of history.  The funeral director called and asked me if I would be so kind as to let him show the recording of his story during visitation.  The widow had requested it.  That was carried out and it pleased their family and friends.  The family received a copy of the DVD.

I have several stories of veterans that I recorded and many more stories to tell before time runs out.  I always give a copy to the family for their memory.  And if that isn't enough, through our public access we propose to educate high school students on how to run a television studio and programming along with production.  That early education would be very helpful for our young students.

We want to give the public a larger look at the local news, not in a two minute sound bite broadcast.  We look forward to having interviews with citizens.  Another is round table discussions with politicians along with citizens of the area.  Doctors on health care, police department on how to keep one safe and provide information for the public good.

All we ask for is the opportunity to make a difference.  More information will be forth coming and posted on this website.  We would ask those that feel the need as many do and of course those at  As chairman and CEO for Accountability of Government. Inc., we do approve of the need of such a program to give our citizens a voice.

I may be contacted at (574) 255-1598 (home) or (574) 339-9939 (cellular).  By mail at 2405 Division St. Mishawaka, Indiana 46545